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Annual Boutique

Annual Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique

Save the Date! Annual Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique

September 10, 2016
9 am to 4 pm
Mountain View Buddhist Temple
575 N Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA

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The annual Midori Kai Boutique is our primary — and often singular— fundraiser.

As a non-profit corporation, Midori Kai, Inc. reserves 100% of the profits from the boutique for awards to non-profit recipients, and each year, at our boutique, our generous vendors contribute 10% of their gross sales to Midori Kai, Inc. A portion of the boutique proceeds are donated to selected non-profit organizations for a two-year period.

A special thank you to all of our 2015 boutique sponsors, vendors, non-profit recipients, and attendees. We had over 70 vendors and over 1,100 attendees at this year's event!

Proceeds from the 2016 boutique will support the following non-profit organizations:

  • Asian American Recovery Services
  • Asian Women's Shelter
  • Fred T. Korematsu Institute
  • Yu-Ai Kai - Keiro Kai



2016 Arts & Crafts Boutique Sponsors

Ayame (Iris)

GS Commercial Management, Inc. - Phyllis Osaki
Gary & June Sakamoto

Tsubaki (Camellia)

Carolyn Cervantes Davies
Suanne Higashidani
Allan Hikoyeda, Attorney at Law
Ben & Kaye Masatani
Ron & Wendy Mukai
Majorie Quon
Cynthia Sasaki Designs
Minami Tamaki LLP
Joanne Webster
Michael Yoshihara

Friends of Midori Kai, Inc.

The Glass Studio
Nancy Taniguchi
David & Carolyn Ann Tuite
Cheryl Watanabe



Special Drawing

We are so excited to receive this beautiful handmade quilt from Judy Miyake - a friend of Midori Kai, for our special 'pink' drawing for our 2016 boutique.

Judy writes: "it is my pleasure to be able to make a donation to the Midori Kai organization. It is a small gesture compared to what the organization contributes to the Asian American community".

We are humbled to receive such a wonderful gift . . . thank YOU Judy!

2016 Vendors

Check back soon for a list of vendors for this year's show.



Vendor Opportunities

Midori Kai, Inc. has worked with many talented artisans over the past years. A majority of our vendors participate every year and there are always at least a dozen new vendors who elect to participate in the Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique.

New Vendors

If you are a New Vendor, your product must be juried by Midori Kai, Inc., Selection Committee. Please send either photos or your website address to the Boutique Co-Chairpersons via email. The Co-Chairpersons will let you know if your product has been accepted and at that time you may complete the Vendor Application and Specification Sheet.

You may also review our Frequently Asked Questions section below, for additional information.

Returning Vendors

If you are a returning vendor, please contact us for login information to access Vendor documentation in our new Vendors section.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship due date: August 1, 2016. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact one of the Boutique Co-Chairpersons:

Kiku (Chrysanthemum) - $2,500+: Name with business card info/business link/logo* on Midori Kai website, Boutique PR materials, handout fliers, individual Thank You poster at Boutique & donor name announced at the Boutique.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) - $1,000 - $2,499: Name with business link/logo* on Midori Kai website, handout fliers, Thank You poster at Boutique & mentioned at the Boutique.

Ayame (Iris) - $500 - $999: Name on Midori Kai website, Thank You poster at Boutique & mentioned at the Boutique.

Tsubaki (Camellia) - $100 - $499: Name on Midori Kai website.

Friends of Midori Kai, Inc. - an in-kind donation (less than $100).

*Sponsor to provide camera ready logo artwork


Frequently Asked Questions

When & where is the Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique held?

The Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique is always held on the second Saturday of September from 9 am to 4 pm. This year it will be held on September 10, 2016. The boutique has been held at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple Gym for the past 11 years, which is located at 575 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043. Midori Kai, Inc is not affiliated with the Mt View Buddhist Temple. Please do not call the temple.

Who do I call about the Midori Kai Arts & Crafts Boutique?

Please contact one of the Boutique Co-Chairpersons:
Phyllis Y. Osaki, 925.596.1770, posaki@gsmanagement.com or
Marsha Baird, 510.579.1518, marshabaird@comcast.net.

Do the crafts or products have to be pre-approved?

Yes, the Midori Kai, Inc.selection committee must review and approve each new vendor’s arts & craft or product prior to acceptance into the boutique.

How do I get an application?

Contact one of the boutique co-chairpersons for a password and then go to the Midori Kai, Inc., website at www.midorikai.com to download the Vendor package. You must complete the application and the specification sheet, all of which are returned to Phyllis Osaki along with your check for the booth fee.

What size is each booth and how much do they cost?

Each booth consists of one (1) 8’ x 30” folding table plus two folding chairs. The fee is $75 per booth and we do not sell half booths. You can be placed inside the gym or outside on the patio. Patio space is limited. You are welcome to bring your own display table, racks, stands, mirrors, etc but it must fit within your booth space. There are limited booth spaces with a back wall and electrical outlets.

What is the application deadline?

Applications and Specification Sheet must be returned by July 31, 2016 to Phyllis Osaki.

If I sell food products do I need a health pßermit?

The County of Santa Clara Environmental Health Department requires that all vendors selling food products must complete the Temporary Food Facility Application and pay the appropriate fee. The completed Temporary Food Application and your check must be sent to Phyllis Osaki at Midori Kai no later than July 1, 2016. The Event Coordinator must submit all applications to the County and Midori Kai is the "Event Coordinator."

As of July 1, 2012, Health Permit Fees will be determined by risk factor and not by profit or non-profit. The fees are as follows:

  • Lowest risk - pre-packaged food is $99
  • Mid risk - such as hot dogs is $145
  • High risk - any food prepared the day of the event is $186